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MESA girls winner in the 1st Open Basketball Boys and Girls Tournament

Today 16th of Asar, 2074 the final day of the 1st Open Basketball Boys and Girls Tournament, MESA girls coached by Suman Budhuja Pun beat JC girls by 26-22 points at Ramghat Pokhara organized by Warriors Club. Two girls from MESA got additional awards on Best Defensive Player by Bhagwati Pun and Most Valuable Player by Leesem Pun where Leesem score 10 ... More

Day 4 | 1st MESA Basketball Cup, 2074

The day was the final day of the tournament and there were 4 games in total; two semi-finals (boys) and final games for boys and girls. The semi-finals were between Rambazar and Alchalbot in A pole and Prativa and Rangasala in B pole. Rambazar defeated Alchalbot whereas Prativa defeated Rangasala. So, Prativa and Rambazar reached the final game. In the ... More

1st MESA Basketball Cup | 2074

This is the first basketball tournament organized by MESA. It starts from today July 13th and we are planning to finish it successfully in 3/4 days. Total team (Boys):24 Total team (Girls): 6 Game fixtures (Boys): Game fixutres (Girls): For this tournament to run, a number of ex-students as well as others have sponsored from ... More

Drawing Competition

The drawing competition was conducted on Friday, on the date Bhadra 10, 2016. It was a wonderful sunny day. The event went very successfully as it was more than we expected. All the students ranging from class 3 to class 10 were involved and the competition was between class 3-5, class 6-8 and class 9-10. Below you can see the pictures snapped on that ... More