Day 4 | 1st MESA Basketball Cup, 2074

The day was the final day of the tournament and there were 4 games in total; two semi-finals (boys) and final games for boys and girls. The semi-finals were between Rambazar and Alchalbot in A pole and Prativa and Rangasala in B pole. Rambazar defeated Alchalbot whereas Prativa defeated Rangasala. So, Prativa and Rambazar reached the final game. In the girl’s game, Rambazar reached final from A pole whereas MESA girls reached from B pole.

Both girls and boys finals were very competitive where the scores were up and down from the both side. But in the end, MESA girls defeated Rambazar by 30-27 points and Prativa boys defeated Rambazar by 56-48 points.

On the day, our chief guest was Maj. Chandra Bahadur Pun and other guests were Mukesh Pun, Rakesh Joshi and Kiran Sapkota (Prativa HSS), Karna Gurung (our Nepali teacher MBS), Tikaram Purja, Ishwor Garbuja and Shiva Pun. On the very day, few dances were also performed by Mesa members as well as from other clubs. And after the game ending, there were prize distributions for winner, 1st runner up as well as MVP. From the girls, Sima Budhuja got MVP from MESA girls whereas Pramod Pun got MVP from Prativa.

We are proud that we have successfully organized the 1st Basketball tournament and we are also proud of our MESA girls team who won the final game. Thanks to all MESA members who work hard for this tournament as well as thanks to all our sponsors who helped for organizing this Basketball tournament.

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    July 21, 2017 (10:59 am)

    where r all the photos man? ramro ramro ta Khan nahaleko.

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      July 24, 2017 (5:34 am)

      These photos are all we have. We will update if we found other photos. Thank you.

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