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मेसाको जित | प्रथम स्वर्गिय बलसिंह गुरुंग (बाउठूले) स्मृति बास्केटबल कप-२०७४

The basketball tournament was commenced on 28th Asoj and ended on 30th Asoj and MESA won this tournament. In the final  game, Leesem pun got Most Valuable Player award and Isha pun got Highest Scorer award.   More

Library Desk donated to School

On September 3rd, 2017 (i.e. Bhadra 18th 2074), a huge rounded shaped desk worth Rs 80,625 is donated to our Manakamana Boarding School for Library section. This has been helpful for the school as the School replied. Our next goal is to fund for childern education in the upcoming days.   More

MESA girls: The winner of 1st Tanting Brothers Basketball tournament 2017

In the final match of the tournament, MESA Girls beat New Galaxy scoring 29-21 points though the match was competitive. The match was played in August 29th, 2017 i.e. Bhadra 13th, 2074 BS. Three players from MESA also got additional awards too for the title; Man of the match by Binita Pun, Most Valuable Player by Nishu Pun and Highest Scorer by Lessem ... More

MESA girls performance in 1st Tanting Brothers Basketball tournament 2017

MESA Girls had reached the final game in the basketball tournament organized by Tanting village in Baajepatan. In the first match, MESA girls played against Tanting girls and lead by 24-16 points in the end where Nisu pun scored 8 points for MESA. After winning, they faced JC girls in the SEMI final and won by 27-21 points. Now, they will be playing ... More

Income & expenditure of the 1st MESA Basketball Cup | 2074

The total fund sponsored by MESA members and others was Rs 3,61, 482. Following are the details. Mina Rontija, Batch 3rd : Rs. 5,005 Ramesh Chochangi, Batch 3rd : Rs. 20,000 Deepa Kumari Garbuja Pun, Batch 3rd : Rs. 10,000 (1st girls prize) Mukesh Paija, Batch 4th : Rs. 55,555 Shrawan Pun, Batch 5th : Rs. 20,184 Yam Chochangi... More

MESA girls winner in the 1st Open Basketball Boys and Girls Tournament

Today 16th of Asar, 2074 the final day of the 1st Open Basketball Boys and Girls Tournament, MESA girls coached by Suman Budhuja Pun beat JC girls by 26-22 points at Ramghat Pokhara organized by Warriors Club. Two girls from MESA got additional awards on Best Defensive Player by Bhagwati Pun and Most Valuable Player by Leesem Pun where Leesem score 10 ... More